Thursday, December 13, 2007

Treo 700w Rest In Peace

Tom M.'s Treo 700wx passed away last night in a Houston office following a short illness. Mr. M. confirmed the death, but did not release a specific cause. It is believed that failures in AC/DC power conversion contributed to the Treo's demise.

The Treo 700wx first came into Mr. M.'s hand in October 2006 when it was learned that Lynn C. owned a Windows model Treo, but no analyst on the WES team had access to such a unit. A WES analyst at the time helped troubleshoot a problem Ms. Caddell had by simply reading an online manual for the device. Shortly thereafter Mr. M. acquired several Treo 700w's for the analysts and even himself, in order to better share in Ms. C.'s mobile computing experience.

From October 2006 to December 2007 The Treo traveled on business and pleasure with Mr. M. to locations including West Huntingdon, PA, Green Lake, WI, Lajitas, TX and Anchorage Alaska. The well used device was best known for it's random beeping and inability to complete calls in the Kingwood area; rather, it preferred to send callers directly to voice mail.

The Treo was preceded in death by a Treo 650p, a RIM 942 and many other demo devices which mostly failed miserably. No immediate successor to the Treo has been identified, so Mr. M.'s communication while off site will be impaired for the next day or so.

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My condolences.