Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hotpot Chinglish

We had a great meal of Sichuan hotpot tonight at home. The kids got quite excited by the whole process. For cooking details and a history of hotpot, see my cooking blog:

What cracked me up was the expected mangling of English on the back of the package of hotpot mix. (I know, it should have made it from scratch - but I've done that and wanted to compare the imported Chinese versions to my home-made efforts).

While in China, most Americans encounter twisted variations of English phrases multiple times per day. On China Airlines, the back of every headrest is embroidered with (not printed, embroidered) the phrase "Fasten Sest Belt During Flight".

Here the wording on the back of tonight's hoptpot package:

"Hot Pot-specialty and symbol of the "Mountaing City" Chongqing. It is well known for it's edible style and embodied Bashu culture. It's peculiar rlavoring skill, favourable fame, stable quality and numerous chainstore. Moreover, it has won "a golden medal of Italy International Fair" and "China Famous and Special Condiment Products" and "ChongQing The Best Famous Hotpot" and "Chongqing Famous Trademark". ChangGuang brand flavouring for Hot Pot is crystallization of Cygnet scientific formulation, practical experience and continuous improvement for 10.

Do understand that this transcription has been c
arefully compared to the package and this is EXACTLY what appears.

In my office we strive for continuous improvement of 21. We used to go for 11, but you know who over-popularized that concept.

By the way, the hotpot was not bad.

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Michael5000 said...

Right. On. You just can't make that stuff up.

I like my food to have "edible style."