Friday, April 4, 2008

Where are the blog updates?

Simple. In mid-February for the second year in a row, we had a significant re-organization in my department. As a result I picked up responsibility for managing our two data centers in Houston and Austin. This is in addition to the other teams I oversee, and no, there was not a substantial raise associated with the additional work. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

I've enjoyed the new work immensely, in part because it's an area of IT that I've not had much exposure to in the past, and also because there are some great opportunities for improvement in several areas. In fact, we're undertaking an ambitious program surrounding "green" activities related to power consumption and emissions, so there's an exciting new thread to weave into routine data center work (if only we could eliminate the sense of simply being on the latest bandwagon).

Another key factor keeping me from the enjoyment of blogging - and it is a pleasure to me - is the start up of the swim season. This is my first year as president of the FMKP Waves Swim Team, so there's quite a bit new on my plate. The team is doing well, with 246 kids enrolled during the first Saturday of registration.

Plans for this blog

Earlier this year I resolved to focus this blog on family-related updates - and not so much of a personal journal. However, not having a structured approach could allow it to fall into disrepair. So I plan a monthly update, centered mostly around family news, targeted at the Chicago, DC and Houston relatives and friends.

Plans for my other blog

My other blog, What Tom Cooked, has also suffered from the hectic activities in the past month and a half. However, I am firmly committed to that effort. The pattern I fell into was one or two updates per week, describing the more involved meals that I cooked either for Ms. Finn, the family or parties. This will continue.

There are two purposes behind that blog: to provide critical review of the recipes I choose to cook, and to serve as a searchable index of past recipes. I'm forever paging through old copies of Gourmet or some cookbook trying to find some dish that we remembered as a hit in prior years.

To the (few) readers of this blog and WTC:
  • If you've linked to this blog, considered linking to the cooking blog - it's more applicable to a wide audience, and I'm far more passionate about it than this blog. .
  • If you have enjoyed either blog - please leave more comments. I think folks new to blogs who have heard about my sites are not familiar with the comments feature.