Sunday, November 28, 2010

GAC Special Honorees

Golfers Against Cancer - 2010 Special Honorees - Gay and Rod Felts

GAC Video Clips

Golfers Against Cancer - 2010 Gala

Video clip of Dan Tyminski and ensemble performance of "I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow".

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11/28/2010 - 1:56 pm
Run time: 3 min 39 sec

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Audition for Master Chef

Last weekend I auditioned for a cooking show called Master Chef. Tomorrow I return for an on-camera interview, because I passed the cooking portion of the audition. If all goes well.....I'M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD. Not actually. I don't know where they are filming.

I posted three articles about the auditions on my cooking blog.....check them out here.

New Blog, New Life

To any of the readers who randomly stumble into this blog, and you're almost all certainly my family members or Michael5000 readers, it's time for a little update.

About a year ago I found myself on the outside of the Fortune 200 company I worked for for 14+ years. Since then I've provided some support for a small company in Houston and restored some of my old programming skills. I've also been close to landing a couple CIO positions for small companies. Close, but not close enough.

As soon as the job change occurred, I thought about opening a restaurant. But with no actual restaurant experience and a horrible economy, that got back burnered.

I did however, begin a project in the food world. I say project because it's not going to be an income producing venture for a while, but may provide a foundation for a food-related career change.

In November I launched the Weekly Recipe Review newsletter. My message is geared to the everyday cook, who wishes they more time to cook, or feel that cooking is too time consuming, or simply want to improve their cooking skills. It's not high end stuff, but rather support to make everyday tastier and more reliable.

I've got about 500 subscribers, and continue to add more each week (in fact each day).

You can find my newsletters and the associated website at On the home page you can sign up for the email version of the newsletter, which is free and published weekly.

I also put the weekly content onto a blog, so that it can be distributed via amazon to Kindle users. That blog is at

People have been really enjoying the newsletter, and I've got some nice changes and additions to the website that should be helpful to my readers. I hope you check it out and sign up for the newsletter.