Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Year in Review

1. Two ruptured disks in April. Obligatory FAQ: "How did you do that?". FPA: putting on my pants. Really. Heard a loud pop followed by intense pain. Laid down for 30 minutes and then gingerly walked around. Foolishly attempted to put on pants again, felt and heard an even louder pop. For the next nine days I could not stand for more than two to five minutes at a stretch. Pain killers and muscle relaxers were the only way out. Followed by steroid injections, physical therapy and loss of regular workouts. But, in some freak alignment of the planets, this injury is not aggravated by swinging a golf club and vice versa.

2. Spent more time with the kids. It's still a jumble of schedules, meals, bedtimes and too much TV, video games and computers. But thanks to a great boss, and some good professional accomplishments, had the most comfortable and rewarding year since moving to Houston.

3. Two week Alaska cruise / tour in May. Luxurious double suite on cruise ship, first class travel. Granted cruising requires mingling with the general public - people of the land, you know, morons. However with just a little effort we smoked out a few nice folks from all walks....the Jackie O look alike who is a capital projects manager for Intel and her luthier / semi-famous musician husband - the two were about to move to China for two or three years as ex-pats. The retired IT VP from Chicago (the Bears baseball hat never left his head), who we had dinner with at an Italian restaurant in Fairbanks on my birthday. Better Italian food there than in Houston.

Highlights: Hike up the mountainside in Ketchikan, hike and raft trip in Skagway, Glacier Bay, whalewatching/sea lions/eagles in Juneau, Denali tour, flight to Mt. McKinley, soaking tourists for $500 playing $1/$2 limit hold em in the cruise boat casino.

4. Nora and Alex swimming. Nora started US Swimming in February, then had her best summer season by a long shot and qualified for All Stars. Alex also made Al Stars, but my favorite of his accomplishments were his three or four top 5 finishes. Mostly in breast, but one in back. Once he starts USS this coming year, he should be a top finisher in summer league.

To be continued.....