Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oregon State Flag

Cyber friend Michael 5000 is a bit of a flag geek - well, not really just a bit. After recognizing the extreme suckitudiness of the flag from his beloved home state of Oregon, he's issued a challenge to redesign it. Here's a great way to kill an hour on a Saturday morning. My entry:

Obvious choices of natural green and blue, with the blue signifying the ocean more so than the sky. The stand of evergreens is intended to also evoke a sense of a skyline in the Western portion of the state, recognizing growth and sophistication integrating with natural beauty.

The outline of Mt. Hood represents my dominant first thought of Oregon. I first call up natural beauty, with mountains and dense stands of trees; that is followed by images of meandering streams, which might also be hinted at in the silhouette line drawing. Then I think of Nike and Tiger Woods and how they systematically created a major presence in the golf industry, but that doesn't really matter.

Also, by way of flag design principles, it looks pretty good in reverse, too.

So there it is. Now if only Michael will forgive me and d for doubting that the Estonian consul replied to his notification that Estonia won M5K's award for Best Flag.


Chance said...

Ooh, that's got "winner" written all over it. (Not literally. If it really had "winner" written all over it, it would look really stupid.)

Seriously, though, awesome design.

Michael5000 said...

All is forgiven.

I'm pretty damn impressed with this entry. However, it must be said that I am pretty damn impressed with several entries already. So, no relaxing!

Rebel said...

That's a pretty good flag, I like the trees & mt hood. The placement of the blue makes it look like it's supposed to be sky though, not so much the ocean. This is going to be a pretty tough competition.

Phineas said...

Thanks for the kind comments.

Be assured, too, that there's a beaver or two in those woods. They're right near the stream. See em?

mydogischelsea said...

Very impressive! And a vast improvement on the current flag.